First 3 Necessary Steps to Becoming a Social Media Expert



After just a few weeks of #NewhouseSM6 with @Dr4Ward I have found that these three steps are necessary on the road to becoming a Social Media Expert!

1)   Own a Smartphone

There are two main reasons why a Social Media Expert needs to own a smart phone:

#1 – With mobile Internet usage on it way to surpass desktop, any #SoMe Expert should be comfortable with and have experience using a variety of mobile interfaces & apps.

#2 – Within the #SoMe ecosystem new technologies and stories break at a moment’s notice. You do not want to miss your opportunity to share content and be relevant just because your phone is not compatible with mobile marketing tools.

2)   Learn/Use a Social Media Management Tool

In addition to using your smartphone to manage your social media presence, you must also learn how to use a social media management tool to professionalize and organize your engagement.  I recommend using a tool like Hootsuite to manage all of your social media accounts in one place. This management tool allows you to monitor FacebookTwitterGoogle+Linked-In and many more.

3)   Don’t be afraid

New users of social media should not be afraid! Trying new things and making an effort to seek wisdom will only strengthen your ability to be successful. You can’t break #SoMe so just jump in head first!



One thought on “First 3 Necessary Steps to Becoming a Social Media Expert

  1. I liked your comment about just jumping into social media, that it is not something you can break. One suggestion would be to link #SoMe back to Twitter so people reading the post could see what others are talking about in this thread. Why else would you recommend HootSuite? Great first post. #NewhouseSM6

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