Welcome to Day Zero of Cannes! Innovation Lion

On Day Zero of the Cannes Lions Festival we were able to get an inside look at some of the newest innovations around the world. The innovations ranged from Light-Up T-Shirts with “tshirtOS” to interactive window shopping with “Monolith”.
The innovations were all great, but there were a few products that caught my attention. A few of my favorites were Google Street View HyperlapseTerra VIP and Monolith.
Google Street View Hyperlapse

Google Street View Hyperlapse is not a unique idea but it is a technology that simplifies the complicated process of creating a time lapse video. A time lapse video is a “technique that photographs a naturally slow process, such as plant growth, on movie film at intervals, so that continuous projection of the frames gives an accelerated view of the process.” (Source: Wikipedia). Before Hyperplapse, photographers would have to take a picture in small intervals and then string them together to make one continuous picture. Now this cool technique can be completed using Google Street View data. Below is a link to a time lapse video created with Hyperlapse.

Hyperlapse Example

To create your own Hyperlapse click here: http://hyperlapse.tllabs.io/
Terra VIP is a very unique way of privately browsing the Internet, created based on a social need for Internet users in Brazil. In that country it is very common for people to visit community centers to do everything from Facebooking to Banking. The issue with doing these things in public is that you lack privacy. This lack of privacy has lead to identity theft and strangers knowing your business.
The creators of Terra VIP simply removed the LCD layer of the computer screen and put it in glasses. By doing this, you can only see what is on the computer screen if you are wearing the glasses. When I first learned of this product I immediately thought of several pro’s and cons.
1. The Brazilian population that uses community centers can feel more comfortable browsing the internet.
2. Has international market potential because other potential consumers may want more privacy as opposed to needing more privacy.
1. This product does not seem like a product for the masses because if too many people own the glasses any one will be able to see the screens then privacy is gone.
2. All of the glasses are the same, so in the community centers another user will still be able to see what another person is doing on the computer if they are close enough.
The idea of having total privacy while surfing the Internet is one that most Americans take for granted but is a luxury for Brazilians. Although this was developed as a result of a social inconvenience in Brazil, I think this technology will be used in even more interesting ways in more progressive countries.
Terra VIP can be marketed to a smaller population of people who work with sensitive information on a daily basis. For example different government officials might find it useful to have privacy while checking emails or conducting business on their computer. Or even people who work in financial services and medical services, that need to view private information in a crowded room.
This company is definitely on to something and because it is such a simple idea, they will need to be very strategic if they want to monetize this product.
Window shopping  is used to describe the process of customers browsing one window display after the other without actually making a purchase. Retailers put a lot of effort and money into creating window displays that attract new customers and increase brand recognition.
Monolith is a window display that allows retailers to keep their window open, even when their store is closed.
The way it works:
  • Walk up to the window
  • Scan a QR Code
  • Get a four digit code (now your phone is linked to the display)
  • Browse images on window
  • Drop images into shopping bag that you like
  • Purchase it in store later or on your phone
 Watch video to see how it works:
This type of marketing is highly effective and has proven success.
This is a great innovation for brands to try in high foot traffic shopping areas.

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