Day 1 of Cannes Festival!

Today was a day filled with seminars,  celebrities, and workshops. The theme for today was the idea that video and pictures tell important stories in history and can be a positive influence on human kind!

Seminar #1

GE Focus Forward: The Creativity of Re-Inventing the Everyday

GE sponsored Jessica Yu to make a video about Jack Sim’s World Toilet Organization!


The facts about how the lack of toilets is affecting the world’s population are startling!


As a world community we have to encourage proper sanitation around the world other wise the problem will continue to get worse.


Thank you Mr. Toilet for speaking with us today. Everyone should support World Toilet Day and “Take a squat for a cause!”

Seminar 2

Celebrities and The Media with Martha Stewart, Nick Cannon and Melanie Brown.


They gave us great advice on how to act online as well as the “do’s and don’ts”. Rule #1 Never apologize. If your write something, just go with it…otherwise it looks like you are wrong.


Seminar 3

AOL creates Makers: A website dedicated to stelling the story of women

“The women’s movement in the US over the last half century was among the most influential civil rights movements in our world’s history, and also one of the least documented.”


The story of the “Ultimate Battle of Sexes” with Mrs. King was very inspirational.


We took a stand for education. Put your right hand in the air!



My Animations Rules!

Representative from Cikus Group taught us how to great a story around a 3-D image to tell a story.


As a team we worked to create a storyboard around the creative brief above. In the coming days, the storyboard with the most votes will be turned into a 15 sec 3D animation film.



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