How brands leverage YouTube?

Today YouTube is the most popular platform on which people consume video. When there is a word we don’t know, we “Google it.” If there is something we don’t know how to do, we “YouTube it.”  The archive of video available to us on this platform is amazing. As every company becomes a media company, they use YouTube to speak to their audiences 24/7.

The key to being successful with the platform is to understand that YouTube is nothing like TV.  YouTube talks back, it is interactive and can be shared. YouTube is skewed toward Generation C, a generation that is hyper-active  with a short attention span.

With YouTube, anyone can be a content creator but content creators for brands know that these people who spend hours on YouTube videos are fans, not just viewers. With that, the content has minimal restrictions because that is the nature of the platform.

Robert Kyncl, Vice President and Global Head of Content from YouTube provided us with some examples of brands that are doing a great job leveraging the platform to grow their audience base and create news fans.


Evian’s Baby Dance Video (shown below) is global content that was spread throughout the web organically. Over 100,000 people saw this video, and over 5 million shares. When you make people want to share you have to appeal their emotions and/or give them social capital.

Porta Dos Fundo is a YouTube channel that has become famous by making fun of local Brazil brands. One of the brands they did a parody on, Spoleto, decided to join the conversation instead of complaining about it.

The secret to success with YouTube is

1)Create Ads People CHOOSE

2)Cultivate a COMMUNITY

3)COLLABORATE with YouTube partners



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