Enjoying “Cannes Extra” Events!

Friday at the Cannes Festival was very different from any other days. Over the course of the week I spent much of my time indoors listening to phenomenal speakers talk digital/social media. On Friday, I decided to take advantage of the workshops and opportunities available outside of festival walls.

The day began with a visit to the Google Beach to take in the different activities and technologies that were on display. Google did a great job of attracting people to their beach, and making them not want to leave. The activities ranged from virtual games and massages, to burberry kissing booths and free drinks! Luckily for me, Google is not all play and no work. I was able to attend two different panels while at Google Beach, which helped with giving me a change in scenary. One of the talks is on how YouTube creators develop their content for their YouTube channels and how they use Social Media to increase their fan base. The other was a ‘Lightening Talk’ to discuss how creativity and innovation are not the same thing. Both talks were very well attended and filled with valuable information.  Through this conversation I learned more about how YouTube content creators develop their successful strategies. For a channel to be successful, you have to create content that makes people want to watch a show until the end. Additionally, you must be sure as to who you are trying to target with your content. If that is unclear, you may fragment your fan base.

Although this was my day outdoors, I did attend an indoor session hosted by CP+B titled Physical Computing Goes Social.  I am very happy that I atteneded this session because it exposed me to some new technologies that I did not know where even possible.  According to the speaker, Ivan Perez-Armendariz (EVP, Chief Digital Officer)  there are threes things that have lead to the advancement of the digital age and social transformation: (1) Open source software, (2) Open API, and (3) perpetual internet.

According to the speaker, the new technologies that will drive the 2.0 revolution are physical computing and 3D printing. With hardware becoming the new software the arduinio chip (hyperlink:http://www.arduino.cc/) is an increasingly important technology. Arduino is a prototyping chip that can identify physical conditions. IT is trending and will be part of this 2.0 wave. The software for this technology is open source therefore it can be adapted in any way necessary. It allows you to build a product that has advance motion and do things like make chess pieces move across the board.

Below is an example of the arduino technology be used on two chess boards.

3-D printing is another technology that will forever impact the 2.0 revolution. I like the idea of 3-D printing but when I first heard of the concept I could not quite conceptualize it because I did not immediately think beyond printing papers, coupons or boarding passes. Once I learned that 3-D printing was about creating objects, I then began to think, well isnt this the same as just manufacturing a product? What is the need for the 3-D printing? Take a look at the video below, and you can see for yourself how and why this product is going to revolutionize a lot of industries.

Below are websites where you can purchase smart products and get 3-D printing done.

Smart Products http://packstore.anvil.net/collections/all
3-D Printing http://www.shapeways.com/


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